yeshayahu (yeshayahu) wrote in scots_history,


i have 3 questions.

#1 is where does the association of Celtic FC being catholic and Rangers FC being prot come from? and, why does that continue on today? i ask b/c while living in ireland i became a Celtic FC fan, and found about the whole association thing later on. and this actually brings up another question...

#2 - how many catholics are there in scotland? i always assumed it was by and large presbyterian & protestant, yet Celtic FC is a very popular club. how is that? and, are most of the catholic population irish transplants or the descendants of?

and finally

#3 - why are there 2 scottish flags? now, ireland has the official flag which is the tricolor, and than there's the nationalistic "erin go bragh" green flag. is the lion flag nationalistic, as well?

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