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The Highland Dirk Dance!

Just been given the go ahead to write an article on the history & combative applications of the Highland Dirk Dance for  "Western Martial Arts Illustrated" - a magazine which as the name suggests - is aimed at promoting Western Martial Arts.....!

I've got most of the research and history of the dance typed up but will concentrate on the martial applications of the dance steps and dagger cuts and guards, much of which was absent from the book ; Highland Knife Fighting http://www.paladin-press.com/product/20/47

So need to arrange photos of the techniques that are going to feature in the article and decide on the look -
period costume, modern backhold wrestling (kilts & t-shirts), or street hoodie - Then there's the background; traditional Scottish setting - castle, fort, standing stone or modern boxing gym or street scene?

Will need to have a wee think & talk to a few folk to see if they are interested in getting involved.

(Photo; Here I am with veteran folk dancer John Wesencraft, one of the few people to have been taught the Dirk Dance!)
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