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Medieval Scottish Fort Reconstruction - virtual and real life!

Hi to everyone at 'Scots History'....

I'm living in Scotland and busy researching Scottish Martial Arts & History....
I'm currently  working on a 3D animated reconstruction of a Scottish Medieval Fort for the Clanranald Trust - it's a Motte & Bailey type - large ditches, wooden palisades, roundhouses and longhouses. The animation will be used to promote a REAL MEDIEVAL FORT, the Trust are currently building outside Stirling.

So as part of the research and a nosey around,  I went up to have a look at how the construction was going - they've got the entire en-ditched mound built up and a large part of the palisade constructed, it looks absolutely brilliant!!!!

A section of wooden palisade near the gatehouse needed finishing off so I offered to lend a hand which meant moving massive logs into place, erecting them in a huge ditch, holding them upright (while clinging on for dear life) as they were secured and the ditch backfilled with rubble and earth.

Suprising how easily 6 motivated guys with 3 ropes could move these logs and don't doubt that a large committed workforce (with a chief or lord on their back) spending 12hrs a day, 7 days a week would be able to erected a formidable fort in a very short time.

For more info check out the Clanranald website at;

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