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22nd July 2012

reasdream10:34pm: ModPost
Sorry about the spam, everyone. I've changed the membership from open to moderated and made it so only members can post. Hopefully that'll prevent any future spam.

11th November 2009

reasdream10:16am: Christmas out of fashion?
Hello all! I have this hazy memory, based on a conversation with a Scottish mentor of mine, that the celebration of Christmas fell out in Scotland with the ascension of Knox and his ilk. The context of the conversation was his explaining to me the emphasis on Hogmanay/New Years, and how December 25th was a work day just like any other in the 1950s and 60s when he was a kid.

So, anyone have a rough date (or exact?) for when Christmas ceased to be a holiday in Scotland? (I imagine that before the schisms of the 16th century, the Church mandated some sort of service for the ChristMass at least).

15th February 2009

publius_aelius12:12pm: Darnley NOT Murdered?
X-posted in change_history and maryqueenofscot

As a preliminary to using as a course text Friedrich Schiller’s Maria Stuart as one of my World Literature works in the Language A-1 International Baccalaureate English class I’ll be teaching in my international school next year, I decided to make myself more familiar with the life and career of the unfortunate Queen of Scots, who I already knew was one of the most maligned figures in Anglo-Saxon historiography.
Read more...Collapse )

How would the history of both countries been changed?
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18th January 2009

funkyplaid1:39pm: EUP Bares All.
EUP Logo

By accident or providence, I came across a little treat from EUP:

FREE access to ALL journal content for 2 months!

We are happy to announce that the content of all EUP journals will be free to all users throughout January and February 2009. 

Articles are available in PDF and PDF Plus format. PDF Plus is an enhanced PDF file format in which references are hyperlinked to the abstract for the referenced article on its home publisher website. 

Please feel free to browse the site and look at the features on offer which include: 
* Table of Contents alerts 
* RSS feeds 
* Supplementary material 
* News and announcements with information on special issues, forthcoming events, prizes and calls for papers. 
* Article citation tracking (by email or RSS feed) 
* Bibliographic information downloads to a range of citation managers 
* CrossRef Cited-by linking 
* Top downloaded articles 
* Recommend to Librarian form 
* Featured articles and free sample issues

Take advantage!
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22nd November 2008

halflang10:51pm: The Highland Dirk Dance!
Just been given the go ahead to write an article on the history & combative applications of the Highland Dirk Dance for  "Western Martial Arts Illustrated" - a magazine which as the name suggests - is aimed at promoting Western Martial Arts.....!

I've got most of the research and history of the dance typed up but will concentrate on the martial applications of the dance steps and dagger cuts and guards, much of which was absent from the book ; Highland Knife Fighting http://www.paladin-press.com/product/20/47

So need to arrange photos of the techniques that are going to feature in the article and decide on the look -
period costume, modern backhold wrestling (kilts & t-shirts), or street hoodie - Then there's the background; traditional Scottish setting - castle, fort, standing stone or modern boxing gym or street scene?

Will need to have a wee think & talk to a few folk to see if they are interested in getting involved.

(Photo; Here I am with veteran folk dancer John Wesencraft, one of the few people to have been taught the Dirk Dance!)

18th November 2008

halflang7:15am: Medieval Scottish Fort Reconstruction - virtual and real life!

Hi to everyone at 'Scots History'....

I'm living in Scotland and busy researching Scottish Martial Arts & History....
I'm currently  working on a 3D animated reconstruction of a Scottish Medieval Fort for the Clanranald Trust - it's a Motte & Bailey type - large ditches, wooden palisades, roundhouses and longhouses. The animation will be used to promote a REAL MEDIEVAL FORT, the Trust are currently building outside Stirling.

So as part of the research and a nosey around,  I went up to have a look at how the construction was going - they've got the entire en-ditched mound built up and a large part of the palisade constructed, it looks absolutely brilliant!!!!

A section of wooden palisade near the gatehouse needed finishing off so I offered to lend a hand which meant moving massive logs into place, erecting them in a huge ditch, holding them upright (while clinging on for dear life) as they were secured and the ditch backfilled with rubble and earth.

Suprising how easily 6 motivated guys with 3 ropes could move these logs and don't doubt that a large committed workforce (with a chief or lord on their back) spending 12hrs a day, 7 days a week would be able to erected a formidable fort in a very short time.

For more info check out the Clanranald website at;

4th November 2008

cuppa_violets11:48pm: Hello!! Hope no one minds me plugging a new community. This is a community for finding and embracing your Scottish roots through your clan societies all over the world. It's a place to embrace your heritage, and to find your family roots and join up with others with whom you may share a common clan! Please come and join! I'm hoping to have a different "theme" each month, and hopefully lots of good posts, feedback and information.

Cheers! Come join!



30th July 2008

judithsewstoo1:38pm: Looking for additional sources...
Greetings all!

Having just joined this group (and added my comment to the 'current' poll) I thought I would just say "Hi!" and ask if anyone knows of of any research or studies along the lines of Pictish textile production techniques (other than my own). :)

Oh, and if anyone has any pointers on getting a response from say the National Museum (or other museums in Scotland), I'd really appreciate it.

Glad to "meet" you all. :)

23rd July 2008

reasdream1:10pm: General Polling
In the interest of reviving this community (and on the realization that there are over 200 members!), I pose the following question:

In what era(s), people, areas, or topics in Scottish History are you primarily interested?

Respond in comments, please!

(your friendly 'mod')

15th July 2007

gwinna10:20am: Historically Accurate Jewelry
Hello all!
I've noticed that people interested in recreating historically accurate jewelry and beadwork are scattered to the winds, so I created pastjewels in the hopes of bringing people together to share resources, designs, news, information and skills.

This will become a place to discuss all aspects of creating historically accurate jewelry!

Stop by if you're at all interested! :)

5th July 2007

celtictide4:07pm: Immigration Question
My great grandparents Cunningham and their children moved from Rothesay Scotland in 1892 to America.
I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there was a reason historically that so many Scots moved here to Ameican around that time?

29th April 2007

jkrissw10:46am: languages of medieval Scotland
Here's a link I got from one of my UNM email lists: http://medievalscotland.org/scotbiblio/languages.shtml

17th February 2007

reasdream4:01pm: Famous Scottish Homosexuals?
At present, I'm researching "gender and the nation", which I believe is meant to be about women in Scottish History, but I can't help noticing that "deviant" genders (Homosexuals, transgender, transsexual, etc) aren't being discussed at all.

Ireland has Wilde, England has Noel Coward (and a few interesting royals). Can anyone think of any famous Scots who were homosexuals (or at least bisexual)?

8th February 2007

fafner8810:41pm: Books on Ulster Scots?
I've recently been in search of interesting, thought-provoking books on the Scotch-Irish (Ulstermen), preferably one specifically going over either their significance in the New World, or on their unique culture itself. Any period will do, either more recent or from the beginning.

23rd November 2006

jkrissw12:16pm: being thankful for the kilt
On this Thanksgiving day, a quote seen as a sig-line on an SCA email list:

"Yea, though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I have the stones to wear the kilt. Lo, the Devil doesn't want to get stomped by a guy in a skirt."

16th October 2006

black_agnes4:32pm: We who are blessed to live here must be aware of Edinburgh's darker side, so can anyone put their finger on why it is such an impossible city to leave ... ?
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24th August 2006

ocicat_bengals11:47am: e Petition on Scottish Referendum

Petition by Neil Caple, on behalf of Independence First,
calling for the Scottish Parliament to consider and debate
what moves it could make to ensure the early presentation
of a referendum on self determination to the people of Scotland.
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17th August 2006

fondo_del_mar7:01pm: drinking in rounds
I suspected there had to appear kind of politeness and friends paying for friends in every country's bars and pubs, but a tradition like this has been a novelty for me. Great one though! I like it)

8th July 2006

leanan10:34am: Looking for a Lament
Hi there,
there seems to be a lament about a lady Campbell (possibly Marian Campbell) and I am looking for this lament.
I don't have further details I'm afraid, but it seems to be known in Scotland.
Does anybody know what I'm talking about? :-)


1st June 2006

jkrissw10:05am: future history
This link was in the trekkies community. It's about Scottish history, though it's history that hasn't happened yet. :-)

19th May 2006

gonzo267:35am: so cal games
you must go if you live in so cal! they are the largest ones!
may 27th and 28th! leave early too if you dont want to get stuck in a huge line full of tall white people!
1101 W. McKinley Ave
Pomona, Ca

3rd November 2005

mercuryfading5:26pm: King James I
I am looking for a good comprehensive history that mentions the life, and more specifically the court, of James I of Scotland. I've read the Kingis Quair and have a sort of sub-interest in the court literature of that time. Can anyone point me in the right direction? My field is literature, not history, butnot much work as been done on literature of the time, so I'm a bit lost.

29th October 2005

stephsicola4:46pm: Hello all,

I'm looking for some books to read about a couple of things in Scottish history, specifically from around 1746 in the Highlands. Pretty specific. I'm interested in learning about medical practices of the time, herbal usage, and cooking. Any reading suggestions?

22nd October 2005

yeshayahu9:14pm: question
i have 3 questions.

#1 is where does the association of Celtic FC being catholic and Rangers FC being prot come from? and, why does that continue on today? i ask b/c while living in ireland i became a Celtic FC fan, and found about the whole association thing later on. and this actually brings up another question...

#2 - how many catholics are there in scotland? i always assumed it was by and large presbyterian & protestant, yet Celtic FC is a very popular club. how is that? and, are most of the catholic population irish transplants or the descendants of?

and finally

#3 - why are there 2 scottish flags? now, ireland has the official flag which is the tricolor, and than there's the nationalistic "erin go bragh" green flag. is the lion flag nationalistic, as well?


19th October 2005

pittenweem6:25pm: First Minister of Scotland in Guelph, Ontario
I hope this is permissable. Please delete if it isn't.

The FIrst Minister of Scotland, John McConnell, will be visiting the University of Guelph on Friday 28 October. He, as well as Tom Devine and Graeme Morton, will be giving talks at 2:30 in the afternoon. The titles of the talks have not been announced yet as far as I know, but i assume that they will focus on some aspect(s) of Scottish history. For more information, here is the press release.
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